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Essex, Maryland

Note: Throughout these By-Laws

Any reference to gender is to be interpreted and meaning both genders/

This organization and all of its functions shows no bias to gender


March 2005




Article I Name 3

Article II Meeting Place & Office 3

Article III Purpose and Objectives 3

Article IV Government 3

Article V Funds 3

Article VI Officers 4

Article VII Nominations & Elections 8

Article VIII Oath of Office 8

Article IX Charges 9

Article X Committees 10

Article XI Membership 11

Article XII Dues 13

Article XIII Code of Conduct 14

Article XIV Expulsion of Members 14

Article XV Resignation 15

Article XVI Proxies 16

Article XVII Interpretation of By-Laws

& Amendments 16

Article XVIII Welfare of the Roost 17

Article XIX Amending the By-Laws 17

Article XX Dissolution 18

Section 2 Forms

Membership Application Form

Request for Change of By-Law

Section 3 Amendments to the By-Laws







The name of this organization shall be Ravens Roost 73, Inc. Turkey Point, Baltimore County, in compliance with corporation papers.


The principal meeting place of the Roost shall be designated by majority vote of members present at such meeting to decide meeting place. The Executive office shall be the President’s home and/or office.


The purpose and objective of this organization shall be to organize and maintain a NON-PROFIT Corporation exclusively for pleasure, recreation and other similar non-profitable purposes. This organization is dedicated to the pleasure of the members and to unite them in the bonds of fellowship. All persons who are interested in the promotion of professional football, and to mutually benefit its members through discussion of the great game of professional football shall use their best efforts to promote football excursions during football season. This Roost shall not engage in any political activities whatsoever.


The Roost is governed by the Board of Directors and by the members assembled at meetings of the Roost.

This Roost shall abide by conditions of membership of the Council of Baltimore Ravens Roosts.

The Roost shall be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order, revised on all points not covered by the Constitution and By-Laws.


No appropriation of the funds of this Roost shall be made except for the benefit and welfare of the Roost.

The funds of the Roost shall be deposited in a bonafide bank.

Two officers will sign all checks. The President and/or Treasurer shall sign all checks.

The Vice President will also have the authority to sign checks if a second officer is needed.

Under normal conditions all requests for allocation of Roost funds shall be first submitted to the Board of Directors for approval. If a request for Roost funds is time sensitive, then the request may be brought to the general membership in a form of a motion under New Business. The Board of Directors shall take such recommendation for expenditures of the Roosts’ funds into consideration and review. After consideration and review, the Board will present its findings to the floor, if favorable or unfavorable. The membership shall vote to either accept or reject recommendations.


Elected Positions

The Elected Positions shall be as follows:


President 1 year

Vice-President 1 year

Recording Secretary 1 year

Corresponding Secretary 1 year

Treasurer 2 year

Sergeant of Arms 1 year


President 1 year

Director #1 2 year

Director #2 2 year

Director #3 2 year

Director #4 1 year

Director #5 1 year

Director #6 1 year

Director #7 1 year

Past President 1 year


A. The president shall preside at all meetings to enforce order and strict observance of the Rules and By-Laws of the Organization, appoint the committee chairman as listed in ARTICLE X.

B. The president shall see that the auditing committee audits the records of the Entertainment Committee after each affair or function sponsored by the Roost.

C. The president shall automatically become a member of the Board of Directors for a term of one (1) year after his term of office.

D. The President shall appoint a Chairman for any such committee as he deems fit to run Ravens Roost #73.

E. The President is an ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating committee, to perform such duties as custom and parliamentary usage requires and attend Council Meetings or send a designated representative with authority to vote.

F. The President shall sign checks and orders upon the Treasurer, authorized by the vote of the Roost. He shall declare all members suspended whom the Membership Chairman reports in arrears.

G. If for any reason the President is dropped, resigns, or is expelled or impeached from office, the Vice-President will serve as the President for the remainder of the term and a new Vice-President shall be elected. In the absence of the President, the Vice-President will assume the duties of the President

H. The President shall have the power to spend up to one hundred dollars ($100.00) in Roost welfare without the permission of the Board of Directors or members.

I. In case of emergencies, the President shall have power to monitor, oversee and assess situations that require action immediately to prevent further trouble, and may do so without the meeting of the Board of Directors, if the case so warrants.

J. In the event of death or resignation of any elected officer an appointee of the President shall fill the vacant office for the unexpired term of office.


K. The Vice-President shall assist the President in the discharge of his

duties and in the absence of the President preside and perform the duties of the President. In case of death, resignation or removal from office, the Vice-President shall automatically become the President for the remainder of the term.


L. The Recording Secretary shall record the proceedings of Roost meetings; to notify officers, committees and delegates of their election, and furnish each committee with material referred to them. Prior to each meeting, prepare an outline of business, listing items to be discussed at the meetings, if the presiding officer so desires; call the meeting to order in the absence of the President and preside over the election of a temporary presiding office.


M. It shall be the duty of the Corresponding Secretary to send official notes and correspondence when required by the President, Board of Directors or as voted on by the membership.

N. It is his responsibility to receive all official mail of the Roost and to maintain the Post Office Box.


A. It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to receive all monies accruing

from all sources.

O. He shall pay all bills against the Roost when duly authorized. All

bills will be paid by check, countersigned by the President and/or Vice-President. He shall pay no bills or claims unless endorsed by the Board of Directors and or vouchers countersigned by the President, an in his absence, the Vide-President.

All financial records are the responsibility of the Treasurer and will be in his possession at all times. All books shall be kept on a Fiscal year basis.

P. The Treasurer shall submit a financial statement in triplicate at

all regular meetings. Copies of the statement are to be distributed to the President, the Chairman of the Auditing Committee, and the Treasurer’s file.

Q. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the preparation of the following forms at the end of his tenure in office on an annual basis. All forms will be made in triplicate for the files.

Closing entries in the General Journal

Balance Sheet showing Financial Condition

Opening Balances for the upcoming year

Form no.1 – State Dept. of Assessment & Tax

Form 990 to IRS9if gross receipts are over $25,000)

R. The Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining all archived

financial records as required by both Federal and State Law. The Treasurer shall deliver all books, files and other property belonging to the Roost in his possession to his successor, in office, or to whom the Roost may appoint or designate.

S. The Treasurer shall be responsible for depositing all funds on hand as soon as possible. He shall issue a receipt to any officer, committeeman or member turning in monies due or owed to the Roost.


A. It shall be the duty of the Sergeant at Arms to inform all members

the meeting will be called to order within five minutes.

He will help maintain order and see that no unauthorized persons are in attendance of meetings.

At the Call to Order at any meeting, the Sergeant at Arms will lead the members in the Pledge of Allegiance to the U.S. Flag.

When the President calls for a hand vote, he will count raised hands and report such counts to the Chair. On all ballot votes, he shall pass out ballots to members and collect them, returning them to the Chair for count.

The Sergeant at Arms is responsible for selling the 50-50 raffle tickets at all Roost meetings. He shall collect the money, have the winning ticket selected, award the prize, and turn over remaining money to the treasurer.

The Sergeant at Arms may appoint members to assist him as necessary to carry out the duties of this office.


A. The Roost shall have a Board of Directors consisting of eight

members. The past President shall automatically serve one year term on the Board of Directors after leaving office. Thus the Board of Directors will number no less then Nine Board members.

B. If the President is elected to an additional term, the previous

Past-President will continue as a Board Member for a term of one year.

C. No bills of the Roost shall be paid without the approval of the

Board of Directors in excess of One Hundred Dollars ($100.00). All materials and/or properties to be purchased, held, sold or disbursed over $100.00, the Board of Directors shall vote on said issues.

D. The Chairman at the first meeting shall give notice of all meetings,

regular or special. Five (5) Board members shall constitute a quorum at any regular or special meeting, and it shall require a 2/3rds-majority vote of the members present to approve any resolution.

E. The Board shall act on all proposals for membership

recommending or rejecting candidates according to true, unbiased and conscientious motives.

F. If a member of the board fails to attend fifty percent of the

regularly scheduled meetings within a twelve month period with out sufficient reason acceptable to the Board, the Chairman of the Board shall declare his place vacant.

In case of death or resignation of any member of the Board, the

vacant office shall be filled by an election of the membership at the next regular meeting of the Roost.

The Board of Directors shall have their own copy of the By-Laws

and Constitution of the Roost, and are required to keep them up to date at all times. The Chairman of the Board can therefore answer any question arising in Rules and Regulations of the Roost intelligently and accurately.




At the regularly scheduled meeting in January, a committee on

nominations consisting of three (3) members shall be chosen. One (1) member shall be nominated and elected from the floor and shall be Chairman of the said committee. The Chairman shall then appoint two (2) members.

It shall be the duty of this committee to recruit and accept nominations of

qualified members in good standing to run for elected positions.

Any member in good standing will eligible as candidate for office,

provided he be a member of the Roost for at least (4) four months prior to nominations and have their dues paid to date.

The list of candidates will be read at the February meeting. Nominations

may also be made from the floor at this time. After said meeting the nominations shall then be closed for now and thereafter.

A member at no time during the elections will be eligible to run for more

than one (1) office.

The committee will prepare a written ballot for voting

All elected officers will be elected by a secret written ballot at the regular meeting of the Roost in March and will be installed at the Roost’s regularly scheduled meeting in April. The President abstains from voting on all elected positions except to break a deadlock.

The Chairman of the Nominating Committee and the other two members will validate and count all ballots. The committee’s decision is final. A simple majority vote shall constitute an election. Ballots will be handed over to the Recording Secretary for archive records.

Should any nominee(s) running for elected office run unopposed, their name must appear on the ballot. The Chairman of the Nominations Committee will declare them elected by casting a single vote for them.

If a member can not be present for elections he may send forth an Absentee Ballot. This ballot will be signed, sealed and placed in envelope and mailed to the President. The ballot must be received by the day of the election. Any ballots received after the election, no matter what the reason are null and void. The President will turn over this envelope after ballots are collected to the Chairman of the Nominating Committee. This envelope will be opened at the time of elections only and counted with the rest of the ballots. If ballot is not signed and witnessed, or if absent member is not in good standing, the ballot becomes null and void and will be unusable for election it pertains there to.


The Past President will administer the Oath of Office to the newly elected

Officers at the first regular scheduled meeting after the elections.


I, (State Name) do solemnly swear or affirm that I will faithfully execute the office of (State Office), of Ravens Roost #73 Inc., and will to the best of my ability preserve, protect and see that the provisions of the Constitution and By-Laws of Ravens Roost #73 are enforced and respected.


Any officer may be removed from office for inattention to his duties to the

office of which he was legally elected or appointed, or for conduct unbecoming his standing in the Roost, by a 2/3rd vote of the Roost members. Any officer against whom charges have been preferred shall have a fair and impartial trial in accordance with the By-Laws Rules and Regulations of the Roost. He may, however, officiate until the charges have been sustained unless ordered by the membership.

An officer impelled by unselfish and justifiable motive has the privilege of

resigning, but such resignation must invariably be made in writing to the Board.

Should an officer be absent himself for three (3) consecutive meetings without sufficient cause acceptable to the Roost, then the office occupied by said officer shall be declared vacant by the President. A successor shall be named to service the remainder of the term shall be elected in accordance with the provisions of Article VI, Sec. 2).

Charges against any officer of the Roost must be made in writing and without debate referred to a committee for investigation. This Committee shall be picked by the President out of the membership and shall consist of a Chairman and four (4) committeemen. (If the President is being charged then the Vice-President and so on down the line of officers until a legal officer is found to pick said Committee), This committee shall have no elected officers or board members on it. The committee, after a thorough investigation, shall report their findings to the President at the next regularly scheduled meeting following completion of the Committees’ investigation, with a synopsis of testimony taken, their findings, whether guilty or not guilty, and said action as deemed justified by the facts contained herein.

After said hearing and/or hearings a member and/or officer, has the privilege and right (within sixty (60) days to request a new hearing, this time by his fellow members. A letter to this effect must be presented to the President or legal officer of the Roost who conducted this hearing and/or hearings, within the said period of a rehearing. If a member does not take up this option, the verdict will considered just and closed. If a member does decide to take this option, he has the right to either defend himself or have a fellow member to act as his attorney in his behalf.

When the member and/or officer’s attorney accepts said option and wins his case, all privileges and right so suspended shall be reinstalled from the date of said suspension and member and/or office will again be reinstalled without prejudice and be once again a member in good standing.

All members will take a written vote then present and accounted for at said meetings. Two-thirds (2/3) majorities vote of the then present and accounted for members is necessary for acquittal of all charges.


Committees are small groups of members with special duties.

The President shall appoint all committee Chairman with the exception of the Nominating Committee (see Article VII, Section 1).

Standing Committees shall be as follows:

Membership Convention Auditing

Nominating Historian Website Sick Constitution & Bylaws Events

Additional committees may be created when deemed necessary.

Constitution and By-Laws Committee

It shall be the duty of the Constitution and By-Laws Committee to take into consideration any required changes in the By-Laws as brought forth from the membership. They shall see that all prospective changes be handled in accordance with Article XX of the By-Laws. They shall see that all changes or amendments to the By-Laws are properly entered in the By-Laws book and that all members be notified of any such changes or amendments.

Sick Committee

It shall be the duty of the Sick Committee to report all members, who are sick, hospitalized or deceased. The Committee shall try whenever possible to arrange visitations to sick members. A card shall be sent to all members of their immediate family upon sickness or death. The immediate family refers to a member’s wife and/or husband, their mother or father and their children only. In all cases the Committee shall notify the President of the status of such members.


A. It shall be the duty of the Events Committee to set up projects, parties

and affairs, to support and benefit the membership and the Roost. This Committee shall be responsible for setting up dates, costs, locations and arrangements for all social affairs, but not commit itself to any obligation unless first submitted and approved by the President and Board of Directors.

B. The Events Chairman shall keep the membership informed of progress

of all affairs. He shall be responsible for all monies accrued in each affair and see that the monies are turned over to the treasurer upon completion of each affair. Final figures of each affair shall be presented to the Audit Committee for verification and then presented to the Board of Directors for record.

C. The Events Chairman shall keep a Party Book, which will contain an

Itemized list of all cost and monies received at each affair.


A. The Auditor shall be Chairman of a committee of which he will pick or

Appoint two (2) members in good standing to act as committeemen for the auditing of the Roost Books. This will be done on a semi-annual basis.

B. The Auditor will render a report thereof on the findings by his

Committee. These reports shall be made in triplicate, a copy to the President, a copy to the Treasurer, and a copy to the Auditors file.

C. The Auditing Committee shall audit the books and records of the

Entertainment Chairman after each Roost sponsored affair to assure they are correct and receipts are in

Membership Committee

A. The Membership Chairman shall select two (2) members in good

standing to assist him in the Membership Committee, thus making a Committee of three(3) members whom will be known as the investigating Committee whose purpose would be to screen all prospective members.

B. The Membership Committee Chairman has an open invitation to attend

all Board Meetings to bring back reports on all prospective members. Upon information received by the Membership committee, the Board shall cast a vote as to favorable or unfavorable to accept the prospective member. The Board’s favorable recommendation on the prospective member will then be presented to the membership for final vote to accept or reject such member. Should the Board vote unfavorable, then the Membership Chairman will notify prospective member of such decision and return the application fee.

C. The membership committee shall notify all members one (1) month in

advance that their dues are due and payable. Dues must be paid within sixty (60) days after the due date or membership in the Roost will be forfeited. The Membership Chairman shall report all names of those who should be dropped from the membership roster in case and/or delinquency of a member’s dues. He will turn all monies so collected over to the Treasurer along with the member’s name.


Membership in this organization shall be of three (3) classes: Active,

Honorary, and Lifetime

A. Active Membership

An active membership is one that is given to members that are elected to the roost as members. Active membership allows a member full voting rights, the right to run for office and to attend all roost functions.

B. Honorary Membership

The title Honorary Member may be conferred upon any person who has rendered distinguished service in the field in which the organization is interested. They are nominated and elected by the majority vote of the members present at any meeting. Honorary members are non-dues paying members, but shall have the privileges of the Roost, except those of voting and holding office, and shall not be required to take part in the program of the Roost, unless they volunteer to do so. Honorary members may attend meetings, but have not voice in the proceedings unless invited to speak by the president.

C. Lifetime Membership

Shall be awarded to any member who has demonstrated outstanding loyalty and dedication to the Roost. This member will be proposed for Lifetime Membership to the Board of Directors. Upon approval of the Board of Directors, the Lifetime Membership will be voted on by the membership. A two-thirds majority of the members present at such meeting shall be required for approval. Lifetime Members will pay no dues but have full privileges of an active member.

All members will be issued a membership card. Members should

carry this card with them at all times as they may be requested to produce it for entry into a Roost function.

An active member in good standing of Raven Roost 73 must sponsor any person desiring to become a member of this Roost. Said member must request a membership application, which the applicant must complete and sign, stating that he will conform to the By-Laws of the Roost if elected to membership.

Prospective members must submit the first year’s membership dues to be prorated at $2.00 per month for the remainder of the current year if application is made after April 1st.

Membership in the Roost shall be limited to any person 21 years or over who is interested in the purpose of this Roost.

Applicant must attend one (1) regular meeting as a guest and will be voted on at the next regular meeting. Applicant will not attend this meeting. Applicant must be approved by 2/3rds of the voting members present.

The membership committee will notify said applicant as to his membership status. If applicant is accepted into the Roost, he will be notified to attend a regular meeting as soon as possible after notification and be introduced as a new member and receive their membership card.

If membership is denied said applicants’ initiation fee and any dues shall be refunded. Appearance is not necessary if acceptance is denied, refunds will be mailed.

The membership of this Roost shall be unlimited in the number of active members.

No individual shall be eligible in the Roost if he is a dues paying member of any other Roost. The exception to this rule being a bonafide transfer from one Roost to another.

To accomplish a transfer one must first contact Roost #73 and verify if there are any openings available. Provided openings are available, he must turn in a membership form and yearly dues as prescribed under the dues section of these By-Laws. This Roost shall not assess a transferring member any application fee.

Any individual who resigns from any Roost of his own volition and/or personal reasons, shall be eligible for membership in any other Roost upon proper application and subsequent approval for such membership

If any member leaves and/or resigns in good standing for whatever reason, he shall be readmitted to the Roost without application fee. This member must complete a new application form, be approved by the Board of Directors and be voted on by the membership.

A suspended member is denied entrance to all functions of the Roost.

Any member attending any Council of Baltimore Ravens Roost function shall conduct himself in a manner that is becoming a member of this Roost. Any act or acts that break laws, (Local, State and or Federal), and/or causes embarrassment to Roost # 73, shall be suspended pending hearing on such matter.


Each member shall pay to the Membership Chairman the sum of twenty-five Dollars ($25.00) per year no later than the meeting in April. The only exception to this rule being a prospective member who would be accepted into the Roost from the first day of May, where dues will be pro-rated. After the first day of April, dues shall be pro-rated at two dollars ($2.00) per month for the remaining months of the fiscal year. Dues for married couples and/or significant others living at the same address is forty dollars ($40) per year, ($25.00 plus $15.00).

Members sixty (60) days in arrears shall be dropped from the membership roster. They shall also be ineligible to vote or have any voice form the floor until such time as dues are paid. After the first thirty (30) days in arrears, the delinquent member shall be notified through the Newsletter and/or letter of dues owed. A change of address whereby the Roost was notified will not be considered as an excuse.



The moral conduct and personal behavior of each Roost impacts the image of the

Council of Baltimore Ravens Roosts. This makes it imperative for the individual to act at all times with self-respect and integrity. The impression made by the Roost on the community reflects upon the Council as a whole. All Council members will conduct themselves so as to support a positive relationship with the community.

Each Council member has a responsibility to know and uphold all relevant federal, state and local laws as well as the content of this Code of Conduct and the Bylaws, including but not limited to:

Respect for Authority, at any meeting each President and guest will act in civil and responsible manner to Chair of the Meeting and the other members of the Council.

Participation by Guests: Normally any guest who wants to comment on an issue will need to work through their President or Alternate. The Chair has the authority to allow any guest with important information to make a report and to participate in discussion on the floor.

Assault and Battery: Threats of violence or acts of violence towards another individual are a violation of civil law and are prohibited on Roost-leased property or at Roost-sanctioned functions and are subject to the procedures spelled out in the Council Bylaws.

Illegal Drugs: The Council has been declared a drug-free environment. The use, possession or sale of illegal drugs anywhere on Roost-leased premises or at Roost-sanctioned functions will not be tolerated.

Firearms, Explosives, and Other Weapons: Possession of a firearm, explosive or other weapon will not be tolerated.

Improper or disorderly conduct will be referred to the Board of Directors.

Where violations of the following Code of Conduct occur, any members found to be directly responsible for such violations will be subject to disciplinary action by the Board of Directors in accordance with the Bylaws.


The Board of Directors shall have the power to investigate any matter that involves a member, which may be brought to its attention that conflicts with the objects for which this Roost was formed. All members must agree to abide by the Code of Conduct.

The Board of Directors shall have the power to prefer charges against any member for conduct alleged to be detrimental to the Roost. Pending the final determination of any such charge, may withhold the privileges of the member for a period not to exceed sixty (60) days, within which time charges must be placed before the membership for proper action.

The Board of Directors, after hearing or reviewing the charges, shall report its findings and turn same over to the President at the next meeting. Whereupon, the President shall take action upon said findings.



Regular meetings of the Roost shall be held at 7:30 PM on the 1st Monday of every month, holidays excepted. If the meeting falls on a holiday, or home Ravens Game, or Baltimore County School’s Snow Day, shall be rescheduled at the discretion of the President.

Special meetings may be held at the call of either the President or the Board of Directors or by written petition presented to the President by ten (10) members of the Roost. Notification of special meetings shall be made at least five (5) days prior to such a meeting.

Ten (10) members, of which two (2) must be officially elected officers, must be present at any regular meeting, shall constitute a quorum.

For all members to be counted as present, they must be seated when the presiding officer at the fixed hour for the meeting strikes the gavel and states "The Meeting will come to order" and again when he strikes the gavel and states "Meeting Adjourned". There will be no leaving in between the striking gavel, except emergencies.

All members must sign attendance register before meeting is called to order.

The conduct and procedure of all meetings shall be in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Parliamentary Procedure, where not provided by the By-Laws adopted.

All voting in the Roost shall be majority vote by the then present and accounted for members. The President abstains from voting on all issues brought before the floor except to break a deadlock. No business other than Roost business will be discussed during the meeting.


A motion to adjourn must be seconded; it may not be debated or amended, and after it has been voted, it can not be reconsidered.


Business left unfinished at a meeting must be disposed of as old business at the next meeting before any new business may be called for discussion.


The operation of the Roost is recorded in permanent form, in a minute book. The minutes are kept and signed by the Secretary and countersigned by the presiding Officer. After a meeting is called to order it is customary for the presiding officer to request the Secretary to read the minutes of the previous meeting, and if the minutes as read require amendment by deleting or adding thereto a proper motion to such effect is made and seconded. If no amendment is made the minutes are approved as read by appropriate motion to that effect.


a. Matters of interest to the organization, which requires approval by the membership, are brought before the Roost by motions. The motion may not be discussed or voted upon before another member seconds it. The member who made the motion has the privilege of withdrawing it any time before it is put to a vote. The motion to withdraw need not be seconded, unless objection is made, in which event a motion to with draw must be made, seconded, and carried by majority vote of the members present.

b. If the motion is not thus withdrawn the presiding officer restates the motion and discussion ensues. If there is no discussion the matter is put to a vote. While the motion is pending no other unrelated business may be introduced. However, certain motions may be made with reference to the main motion.


A proxy is the right to vote given to a member who is or will be absent from the meeting of a regular or special nature.

A proxy in which the name of the voter is written can be used for that purpose only; after the date to which the proxy is issued, it will be void and should not be accepted for any other meeting.

Requirements needed to make a proxy acceptable.

a. The proxy must be in writing

b. It is revocable at the pleasure of the person making it.

c. It must state, how, when and its purpose.

d. The term of a proxy is limited to a definite period.

e. The proxy must specify how his vote shall be cast or whether he gives the receiver of said proxy the authority to use it as he sees it.

f. A proxy that is illegible should not be accepted

g. A proxy does have to be witnessed by another member to be acceptable

h. The most important part of a proxy, with regard to its acceptability, is the signature. The person issuing it must sign it.

i. To revoke a proxy, it must be made in writing

j. A member can only issue a proxy if he is a member in good standing.

k. A blank copy of a proxy is attached hereto to become part of this regulation to be copied or photocopied for use as needed.


It shall be the duty of the Board of Directors assembled at the meeting to interpret

and declare the meaning of any paragraph or article or section in these By-Laws of a question so raised regarding its purpose or meaning. Their decision in this matter shall be final.



If any time the Roost holds an affair, a member will be allotted a certain amount of tickets according to the amount of ticket on hand to cover expenses of the affair. Any member holding tickets over his allotted amount unsold must return these tickets one (1) meeting prior to the affair. Tickets of the allotted amount not sold will be acceptable at the door, but member will be responsible for said tickets. Any member holding tickets after an affair will be responsible for those tickets still in his possession or listed in his name as unsold and money for outstanding tickets must be turned in no later than one(10 meeting after affairs. A member failing to do so must appear before the Board of Directors and show just cause why he should not be dropped from the Roost.

In the event a member breaks a by-law or commits a misdemeanor during the participation in any Roost on Non-Roost activity (where the Roost is invited), whether in the Clubhouse or at a paid or free affair sponsored by the Roost, he may be temporarily suspended. A report of said suspension shall be available and reported to all members on the floor of the following meeting after said suspension.

Any member put on probation shall be classified as a suspended member until said probation is either revoked or completed.

All trophies and awards, won under the sponsorship of the Roost, shall become property of the Roost.



Amendments to this constitution and By-Laws shall be in written form and presented to the Chairman of the Bylaws Committee. A form is attached to these bylaws that can be copied and used.

The Chairman of the Bylaws Committee will call a meeting of the Bylaws Committee to discuss proposed amendments(s). The committee will check to see if the proposed amendment(s) conflict with existing By-Laws and if not, whether or not it has merit.

If it has no merit or need to be edited, the Committee will notify said presenter of amendment and/or amendments to this effect thereafter it will be presented to the Board of Directors for their approval or disapproval, whichever the case may be.

The Board of Directors will review proposed amendments and approve or disapprove. If the Board approves or disapproves it will make its opinion public at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

For approval or disapproval, a proposed amendment and/or amendment must be read before the membership for a period of two (2) meetings. This is to give all the members sufficient time to become acquainted with said proposed amendment and/or amendments. The proposed amendment will be published in the newsletter one month prior to being voted on. It will then require the two-thirds majority vote by the membership present at such meeting that vote is to be taken for the passage of said proposed amendment and/or amendments.

Changes to the By-Laws may be presented to the committee at any time.

The only exception to this rule being the dissolution of the Roost as set forth in ARTICLE XX of the By-Laws.



This Roost shall exist as long as one (1) dues paying member remains who is willing to uphold the Constitution and Bylaws.

Upon the final member retiring, this Roost shall cease to exist

The Charter shall be returned to the Sate of Maryland and revoked

All monies in the Treasury and all furniture movable an immovable property belonging to the Roost shall be donated to some local charitable organization.

This provision shall never be altered or erased by any amendment to these by-laws.