Wave: Ravens Roost 73
Volume Three 2009
Winter Edition



The members of Ravens Roost 73 have been very busy since our last newsletter.  Just read on to find out more!


CRAB FEAST              


Is there anything better than steamed crabs and cold beer on a hot summer day?  Members of Roost 73 think that makes a great combination.  And so on September 14, approximately 35 members gathered in the afternoon at Laidback Lenny’s to eat steamed crabs, Maryland crab soup and drink a few cold ones.  Thanks to Lenny for letting us have our annual member’s only crab feast inside the bar – as it was a steamy day outside.  Lots of laughs and dozens of crabs were enjoyed by those in attendance.




The suggestion of a Longaberger basket bingo as a fundraiser sure raised a lot of eyebrows.  Having never attempted such an event, the board voted to give it a whirl.  Many members participated in getting this charity function underway.  And on September 26th, we literally packed the house – Rockaway Beach Fire Hall that is.  We had a sold out crowd resulting in $2,500.00 raised for our charities.  A great round of applause goes out to all those who participated in making our first ever basket bingo a huge success; especially to Kim Crogan who lent her invaluable expertise in organizing this benefit. 




And just when we thought we would have nothing to keep us busy at the end of summer, our Entertainment Chairperson came up with a fantastic idea.  Bridgette never stops thinking of great things for us to do.  The latest is Wii bowling, and a friendly competition among the members was just what we needed to ease into fall.  Beginning in early October, several members joined the group for fun filled Monday evenings at Lenny’s.  Teams consisted of two members and two games were bowled each week for a period of 5 weeks.  Congratulations to the winners Debbie Webber and Terry McQuaid.  Karen Albert also won a certificate for Highest Score.  You go girls!!!  A second league is planned for spring.





The second annual Raven’s Roost 73 Shrimp Feast was held on October 11, 2008 at the UAW Hall on Oldham Street.  Around 125 members and guests attended this event and the Roost made about $1200 for its charitable causes.  The menu was AMAZING.  The steamed shrimp were huge and perfectly seasoned and cooked to perfection.  Once again Fog rocked the house with their mix of 60’s and 70’s classic rock.  There was a big six wheel and a prize wheel.  We also had 50/50 drawings as well as raffles for some great autographed Raven’s memorabilia, including helmets and pictures.  The signed Flacco was a real hit with the crowd – everyone loves our rookie QB. 




October 19th was the day for Ravens Roost 73 to celebrate yet another outstanding showing of Purple Pride and our commit-

ment to worthy community causes such as the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.  This year, we raised $5,615.  This was our

fourth year participating as a team.  We had 35 people on our team consisting of both Roost and Non-Roost Members. 


Our energetic walkers met at Laidback Lennys at 6:30 am on Sunday morning to catch the bus that would take us to Hunt Valley for the walk.  It was a cold morning, but the donuts and coffee provided by the Roost gave us our wake up charge!  Thanks to Julie and Phyllis for bringing extras with them so the sugar high could continue throughout the morning!


We were fortunate to have two special participants this year to once again remind us why we were up so early.  Member Annice Ripperger is a breast cancer survivor and we commend her for her perseverance in fighting this disease and wish her continued success and good health.  Way to go Annice!! Our youngest walker,  10 yr old Tami Hill, was there for her Mom, who unfortunately was too sick to join us.  She was there in spirit however as her daughter walked and carried one of our signs during the walk.  We were very proud and honored to have Tami with us!  Our prayers continue to stay with Tami and her family.


The support from our Roost was outstanding!  Ravens Roost73 made a $500 donation to the team.  Roost members who were not able to walk also made donations.  Transportation was provided so we did not have to worry about traffic and parking.  Our thanks to Barb Sann for once again getting us a comfortable ride!  Upon return to Lenny’s, we were treated to a nice lunch, that really hit the spot!  Our resident photographer & Webmaster, Terri Schaefer, was there as always, to make sure our day was recorded in pictures.





Just another example of exciting things to do as a member of Ravens Roost 73.  On November 8th, a group of folks ventured up to

Charlestown, WV to enjoy an evening of horse racing and gaming.  We even had the 5th race of the night named after our Roost and

had our picture taken in the winners circle.  There were no major victories that night, but a fun filled evening was had by all. 





At the November 2008 Board Meeting, it was voted unanimously for our Roost to "Adopt a Family" for the holidays.  A family right here in our neighborhood with 4 children, ages 10, 11, 13 and 14 was chosen.  The Mom is very ill and undergoing chemo treatments.  The prognosis is not a positive one.  Dad is working hard, but the ever increasing medical bills have put a financial strain on this family.  In order to maximize our contribution, we created an Angel Tree with various gift ideas for the kids and asked the members to please take an ornament and shop for that gift.  We had an overwhelming response, as usual, from our membership.   Suffice is to say, these children had a very nice Christmas this year.  Barb Sann headed up this drive and was extremely proud on behalf of RR 73, along with Nancy Harris and Mark Yost who delivered the abundance of presents on Christmas Eve.  In addition, the Roost donated a gift certificate to Geresbecks.  Also, members volunteered to prepare Thanksgiving dinner and it was delivered that morning 


                                   FOX NEWS AT LENNY’S
                                            On November 25th, Fox News came to Lenny’s along with Baltimore Raven, Frank Walker to tape the weekly “Sports Unlimited" ”                                          segment of the show.  Several members joined in the fun and participated in the interview.  It was an autograph and photo op for for                                        many members and guests at Lenny’s that evening.






It was not just another joyous occasion at Lenny’s.  It was a feast of plenty.  About 40 members and a few family and friends got together to celebrate the holiday season on December 13th.   The food was delicious and the gifts were hilarious.  Who would have thought that crab shells painted in Ravens colors would be the hit of the party.   A great time was had by all.  We sorely missed our co-chair Karen though, who was spending some unexpected time in the hospital and could not be with us.  We are happy to say she is back now and doing just fine.  Thank you to Sandra for a wonderful evening and to Cheryl Gregory for helping out in Karen’s absence.





For the 5th year running, RR 73 has supported this worthy cause.  On a chilly December 13 morn, Nancy Harris, Terri Schaefer

and Gail Weaver made their way to the Dundalk Police Precinct.  Arriving at 7:00 a.m. with hot coffee in hand, they were ready to

send off officers with the buddies for a holiday shopping spree at the Super WalMart in Hunt Valley.  RR 73 donated $500.00 to

sponsor five children in this year’s event.








Fanwatch…….Gail Weaver


Gail Weaver has been a member of Ravens Roost #73 since September 2003.  She joined initially because she was impressed by the camaraderie in the club and the overwhelming support the roost gives to the community in which she lives.  She admits now that she has become more and more excited to actually watch the Ravens play J  But, while she enjoys the games and has even gone to a few, she is still learning and does not have a favorite player. (YET)  We are told she has developed quite a fondness for coach Harbaugh though.


During her tenure with RR 73 she has contributed immensely to our causes.  She is always on tap to help out wherever needed.  She is active on many committees throughout the year such as helping with the convention/parade activities; bull roast preparation and set up as well as handling the Wheelbarrow of Cheer raffle along with hubby, Michael, and; recently, she offered her home as a meeting place for the basket bingo committee.  She also served as our Corresponding Secretary for 3 years.  She was the 2008 recipient of our annual MVP award given out at our Bull/Oyster Road last March. 


Gail currently is a member of the Board of Directors and is the ongoing Chairperson for our annual Komen for the Cure fundraiser.  She has done a tremendous job for this cause organizing our team and motivating members to walk and get sponsors.  For the past 4 years running, Team 73 has exceeded all expectations in our fundraising efforts thanks to Gail. 

She lives in the Essex area and spends time at Lenny's hanging out with fellow Roost members.   We are very lucky to have her as a member of our group.


Know of another member of 73 worth profiling in Fanwatch?  Drop Karen Albert an e-mail at newsletter@ravensroost73.com


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