Wave: Ravens Roost 73
Volume Three 2008
Summer Edition



The members of Ravens Roost 73 have been very busy since our last newsletter.  Just read on to find out more!





Well, it was time to take the title.  “Ten Pin Bowling Champions” title that is.  On April 25, 2008, dozens of members converged on the Country Club Lanes on Route 40 for the showdown.  It was RR 73 against RR 82 in a rematch.  Our 20 bowlers took to the lanes with determination and questionable skill J.  Many other members were there to root them on and to share the buckets of beer and pepperoni pizza.  It was a close match, but thanks to Frank Schaefer’s 199 game and Amanda Busch tossing a strike in the final frame, Team 73 pulled it off, winning by 8 pins.  The prize was a bowling pin sporting a Ravens logo.




 What does it take to make an award winning Float that gets people to stand up and say WOW?  It takes a group of fun, creative, hard working volunteers, that’s what it takes!! 

The theme of this year’s Raven’s Roost Ocean City Convention was “Purple Pride on the Field and in the Community.”  Roost 73’s theme adaptation, “Building Purple Pride,” resulted in a float complete with stud walls, and a boom that raised and lowered building blocks, to proudly reveal banners displaying the various charities we support.  A fully manned construction crew equipped with work belts, hard hats and purple work shirts that read “Ravens Roost 73 Construction Crew” flanked the float on all sides as it made its way along the parade route. 

The Ocean City Float committee was chaired by Barb Sann.  Barb has come a long way since first serving as committee chair three years ago.  She was a good foreman for our construction crew!  Demonstrating true leadership skills, Barb managed the coordination of meetings, getting materials, following up to make sure all tasks were completed, and most important letting everyone participate in such a way to let their individual talents shine!  We had a terrific group of people working on the float this year!

 They say the third time is the charm, and it sure was for us!!  All the brainstorming, hard work, and time donated yielded Ravens Roost 73 the top prize --- The Arthur B. Modell Award!!!  Way to go Roost 73!





On May 9, 2008, about 25 party hearty members enjoyed a fun-filled night of bar hoping and camaraderie.  Boarding the big yellow school bus with coolers in tow and dressed in our new pub crawl t-shirts, the group headed north to McAvoy’s, home of Ravens Roost 82.  What a welcome!!  We played games, had special purple drinks and lots of prizes.  From there, it was on to CC‘s Crab House, Long Beach Restaurant (home to RR 71) and Carson’s Creekside for a nightcap.  Thanks to Bridgett Palmer for organizing such a wonderful event.




 At the May, 2008 general meeting, RR 73 voted to donate $500.00 to an organization know as The ARC, the Northern Chesapeake Region, in honor of a very special little girl, Katy Marchman.  Among ARC’s many services, they provide support to families of children with disabilities.  Katy is 10 years old and has Angelman Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that affects the nervous system and causes frequent seizures.  Her speech impairment is pronounced, so Katy communicates mainly through pictures and gestures.  Katy totally loves the Baltimore Ravens.  She loves going to training camp and her parents have been taking her for the past 5 years.  Our group also presented Katy with a goodie bag full of Raven items.





For the 5th year running, Ravens Roost 73 is pleased to announce that it has provided two scholarships to graduating seniors from Chesapeake High School.   The scholarship recipients for 2008 were Lenny Banack, III and Stephanie Paradise.  Each received $2,500.00.  Lenny will attend Penn State in the fall and Stephanie will be attending a college in Boston.  The scholarships, as in the past, were presented by Leonard Banack, Jr. our Scholarship Chairperson and this year, “Proud Dad”.







What do you get when you put 59 members of Ravens Roost 73 at Castle in the Sand in Ocean City, MD for a long weekend?   Top prize in the Convention parade, 1st place in the Mixed Tug-of-war contest, 1st place in Women’s Volleyball, 2nd place in Mixed Volleyball and 1 heck of a fun Convention.  Congrats to all the members of our winning teams – you know who you are (and if we tried to list everyone here and missed someone, this newsletter crew would never live it down).  An all time high number of RR73 members registered for the Convention and enjoyed a long weekend of fun in the sun (and a little craziness in the rain).  Besides winning the trophies listed above, our roost had 8 teams compete in Horseshoes, 2 teams compete in Miniature Golf, and 1 brave member compete in the Karaoke contest (Phyllis Wert knocked our socks off with her vocal abilities).   Included in the convention registration was a goody bag and a picnic Friday night and a yummy bull roast Saturday afternoon.  On Saturday morning we all got up early (some feeling a little rougher than others) and made our way down to 16th Street where we lined up for the parade.  64 roost members (and a couple of family and friends) walked the parade dressed as a construction crew (think Extreme home makeover times 10) with our Building Purple Pride themed float.  A great weekend was had by all and we look forward to Convention 2009! 




What better way to spend a hot summer day than in a cool air conditioned casino!!  This year’s Roost Atlantic City trip was to the Resorts casino.  A full bus of Roost members, family, and friends headed out for Atlantic City New Jersey bright and early on Saturday morning, June 28th.   To get everyone in the gaming mood, Bridgette Palmer, our personal Trip Director, organized some friendly games of Bingo.  Eight luck winners arrived in Atlantic City with additional money to spend on the slots, tables, or games of their choosing.  Most everyone spent some part of their day gambling.  Some ventured out onto the boardwalk to see the sights, other Casinos, and to do a bit of shopping.  The day’s end saw some winners as well as some not so lucky gamers.  We were able to unwind and relax on the ride home with the movie Fool’s Gold…an appropriate choice!!  Our thanks to Bridgett for planning yet another wonderful event for our roost to enjoy!!









Fanwatch…….Barb Sann

Barb Sann has been a member of Ravens Roost #73 since September 2005.  She joined after talking to some friends that were already members.  They had told her what a great club it is. She joined us and immediately went on the road trip to Jacksonville - she loved every minute of it and has been a dedicated member of the Roost ever since.  She loves being a member because of the wonderful things the roost does, especially raising money for charity.  That is something that is very dear to her heart.

Barb works for Custom Coach on Route 40.  Due to her connections there, she was instrumental in getting us the trailer that we use as the base of our Convention Parade float every year.  Barb has chaired the Float committee for the past 3 years - her guidance had helped the roost bring home a trophy every year.  In 2008, she was so proud that we won the grand prize - the Arthur B. Modell Award.

Barb is currently VP of our roost and she is chairing the committee planning our latest fundraising event - Basket Bingo.

Barb is such a huge Ravens fan - she likes all the players.  If she had to pick a favorite it would be Bart Scott.  She just LOVES him.  

Barb lives in Bauernschmidt and she spends lots of time up at Lenny's hanging out with friends. She has made a lot of great friends in the roost and says that Roost 73 "is just a great bunch of folks".   We couldn't agree more.  And Barb is one of our shining stars in that bunch.  Thanks Barb for all you do for RR 73. 


Know of another member of 73 worth profiling in Fanwatch?  Drop Karen Albert an e-mail at newsletter@ravensroost73.com



 The winning ticket was drawn at the August general meeting.  The winning ticket was Patty, co-owner of Pat Rick’s Bar & Grill located at 520 Eastern Blvd.  The seller of the ticket was our very own Rene Garcia.  A second drawing was for two tickets to our upcoming Shrimp Feast on October 11th.  The winner was Mrs. Betty Bergman. Congratulations to this year’s lucky winners.


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Winning the top award in OC got us an invite to the 4th of July Parade in Catonsville! Here we are ready to march again!!!!